Protecting the planet and your pocket: Packaging to reduce food waste



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Great Article, Noble Thought!

Very well written article Ruth. "Protective plastic packaging is not only crucial to the environment but also to business profits", I second you on that. Packaging is no more to be thought only from customer's point of veiw, environment is a major factor be considered. I completely agree with you, efficient packaging will definitely solve the major problem of food wastage. Food packaging needs to be changed as per climatic conditions and product type. We as a company cannot keep track so as to how the packaged product is handled during transit, but we can definitely invest time in finding innovative ways so as to how we can avoid any damage or wastage of food during transit. We can chose reliable sellers like - who offer fully automated and efficient packaging machinery. Let's take an oath to avoid food wastage in anyway.

Victor56 more than 5 years ago


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