Cumbria first UK county to trial new ‘plastic road’



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Plastic roads

What research has been done on how tyres are effected using the plastic roads? If it causes more wear, which I suspect it does otherwise it would be mentioned if it meant tyres lasted longer. Sounds like the councils get a cheaper road initially, but it's not saving the environment or users expense at all.

J clayton more than 4 years ago

cleaning the sea of plastics

What is needed are ships that operate like basking sharks or even adapted trawlers to filter plastics from the sea,find a way of melding them tog, to make big lego type bricks for building ...houses schools, anything.

jan simms more than 4 years ago

Changing the sea of plastics

Brilliant idea. But we need incentives to attract investment, research, trials etc.
Can we simultaneously reduce the need for oil, a major by product product of which is plastic, encouraging use of vehicles of all sorts not to use petroleum based fuels?
Let’s pool the ideas and see what’s possible.

Allan Cox more than 3 years ago